How To Apply Covert Couture Bra

How To Apply Covert Couture Bra

September 16, 2022

1. Apply Covert Couture Bra on clean, dry skin. No lotion or perfume, please.

2. Gently peel away the plastic protective layer; feel free to dispose of this

3. Lean forward and firmly stick the cup section to the center of your breast.

4. Take hold of the tabs attached to the cup & pull upwards to lift the breast. Press the tabs down when you have reached the desired level of support.

5. To remove, simply peel off starting at the tabs, being extra gentle around the nipple area. Slow & steady helps here!

6. After removal, gently clean the adhesive with warm water if needed. Otherwise, simply replace the plastic protection to the adhesive side of the cup and store it safely until your next use!