Which Types of Dress Can You Wear With Covert Couture?

Which Types of Dress Can You Wear With Covert Couture?

September 23, 2022

There are so many reasons to love our adhesive lifting bra, Covert Couture. Unlike traditional sticky bras, Covert Couture comes with two separate cups meaning you have the power and the flexibility to wear whatever dress you like without any worry of a wardrobe malfunction. Add to this they're super easy to use, just peel and stick. With the added lifting tabs you can also get some serious lift and shape to your bust while still remaining totally invisible underneath. We've put together a list of the 7 types of dresses we've tested Covert Couture under, read on to find out more!

1. Plunging Neckline

A classic plunging neckline is both sexy and stylish when executed flawlessly. Don't let a fear of a wardrobe malfunction stop you from rocking a stunning silhouette. 

2. Backless Gown

The simple and elegant beauty of a backless gown shouldn't have to compete with anything else that you're wearing. That's why the sleek and invisible shape of Covert Couture lets your dress step into the limelight. 

3. Wedding Dress

On such a momentous occasion, you want to be able to trust the background actors helping you and your white lace gown shine like the stars that you are. Covert Couture is reusable so you can test it as many times as you need under as many gowns as you need until you find the one.  

4. Halter Neck

Halter Necks are making a comeback, you read it here first but don't let their unusual cut intimidate you. A halter is superbly flattering to your décolletage area and our lifting tabs are the perfect aid to offer you added lift and support. 

5. Strapless

Strapless bras have to be some of the most clunky and uncomfortable contraptions ever. They dig in all the wrong places and don't feel supportive at all. But Covert Couture has tabs you say, don't worry you can wear your bra cups sideways and they work just as well meaning you can rock a strapless dress minus any spiky underwire. 

6. No Bra Dress

See through lace, fine tulle, delicate gauze you name it many a floaty fabric has been engineered into the gown of your dreams and you see it on the mannequin or in the magazine and think yeah, that'll look incredible. But once you get it home, you realize everyone is going to see everything if you're not careful. Let's face it, tape hurts like a mother so you're far better off giving our lifting adhesive bra cups a go, you never know we may just pleasantly surprise you!

7. Bonus: Bathing Suit

A cheeky bonus here - since this is definitely not a dress. But sometimes you have a couture, vogue worthy swimsuit to rock and you need a bit of extra support. Fret not, Covert Couture has you covered. Our adhesive holds up great if you get it wet and the smooth outer fabric dries in no time. So feel free to bring us wherever you may need some extra lift and support!