How To Care For Your Covert Couture Bra

How To Care For Your Covert Couture Bra

September 27, 2022

Covert Couture Bra was designed to be used more than once. If you want to make sure you get the most value and use out of your bra, read on for some handy tips for cleaning and caring for your Covert Couture Bra.

Before you apply your Covert Couture Bra, you want to make sure your skin is clean and dry so that nothing will interfere with the adherence of the silicone layer to your skin. If you do have to moisturize or add any sort of body shimmer, try and apply your product to the areas you know your bra will not be touching. You want them to stick on as clean and close as possible.

If you find during application a particular area of your silicone isn't as tacky as it previously was, you can reactivate the stickiness by lightly wiping the adhesive with some water on your hand. Let it dry and then try applying your adhesive bra again. 

When you first receive your Covert Couture Adhesive Lifting Bra, the high quality silicone layer will be covered in a sheet of disposable plastic. You're welcome to dispose of this and use your cups on their first outing. But what happens after when you want to save them for next time? Once you gently remove them, take a look at them and check whether they need a rinse. 

If they do need cleaning, some gentle soap and warm water will get them clean again and then you can lay them flat and face up to dry. Once dry, we've found the best storage solution is to grab two medium Ziploc bags. One bag you're going to use as your adhesive backing cover. So stick your two cups to the OUTSIDE of the first Ziploc bag. This way the silicone layer is all covered and won't become less tacky from wayward dust or dirt. 

Next, place the cups stuck to the Ziploc bag into the second Ziploc bag and zip it shut. This will just help the outer fabric to stay clean, especially if you're like us and tend to store them in your makeup bag (so much stain potential if we aren't careful).